The Rare Black Apples and specific reasons why farmer’s refused to grow them

Rare Black Apples

Red and green apples are the most common variety of apples seen by almost every one of us. Nevertheless, there also exist many different varieties of apples. Countries like The USA, Italy, Turkey, and China grow various types of apples. They grow a very rare kind of apple which resembles a black diamond. This black apple is very uncommon which is the reason why many farmers do not want to grow them.

The black apple is real fruit in comparison to the other varieties of apples we see in the grocery stores. The apples are grown in the steep ridges of the Tibetan mountains and are deep purple in color.

The farmers who grow this apple cannot harvest them on a high cliff as it is very harmful to them to travel to get the fruit. This is the reason why only a small number of farmers wish to grow these apples.

The apples undergo many tests and are then sold to the grocery markets where they are sold at unreasonable prices. The high prices of these apples are due to the unusual conditions withstand by the farmers in growing them. Since these rare apples are grown only in the Tibetan mountains, they are not found in any of the states.


by Radhika

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