Federal Poverty Level Guidelines and Chart

2019 Federal Poverty Guidelines Chart

HHS issues poverty guidelines for each household size. For example, the poverty level for a household of four is an annual income of $25,750. To get the poverty level for larger families, add $4,420 for each additional person in the household. For smaller families, subtract $4,420 per person. Guidelines for Alaska and Hawaii are higher since it’s more expensive to live there. The chart below calculates it for you.

The Poverty Level and Obamacare

In October 2013, the poverty level became relevant to millions more Americans. That’s when the health insurance exchanges for Obamacare opened for enrollment. Those making 400% or less of the poverty level became eligible for tax credits to help pay insurance costs. As there are varying levels for different household sizes, see whether you qualify to save on monthly premiums.

Those making 138% or less of the poverty level became eligible for Medicaid. Specific eligibility depends on each particular state. Applicants find out if they are eligible when they apply on the exchanges. Articles such as the “Obamacare Summary” and “How Will Obamacare Affect Me?” provide more information.

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