Police Shoot Black Man Suffering From Mental Health Distress; Investigation Underway

By Krushnaraj Hudad

According to the reports, the police were trying to serve the black man with a ‘mental health warrant’ when the incident turned fatal for him.

While some of the darkest things have happened to people with certain psychological problems, death might be one of the final escapes that one can get.

However, none would wish to die without having a choice, and while being condemned for their suffering. Police have killed a black man who was undergoing mental health distress. The incident took place at The State College on Wednesday – when the man ended up with multiple gunshot wounds.

Centre Daily reports that the autopsy had shocking indications to make. Centre County Coroner Scott Sayers issued a statement, following the autopsy, on Friday saying that 29-year-old Osaze Osagie’s death was a homicide.

Sayers did not specify the number or location of the wounds. He declined further comment and deferred to state police and the Centre County District Attorney’s Office.

Reportedly, state police at Rockview identified the deceased as Osaze Osagie, 29, of State College. Borough officers had been trying to serve a mental health warrant on him about 1:45 p.m. when the shooting happened, State College police Chief John Gardner said. He described Osagie as African-American
According to state police at Rockview search warrant, Osagie brandished a knife and “came after the officers.” Four spent 9 mm casings, a stun gun and a bullet fragment were among the items seized from the Marvin Garden apartment complex on Old Boalsburg Road, according to the affidavit.

The report also states that nobody else was injured during the confrontation. However, Gardner also said that very little detail was released by the authorities.

Members of the Pennsylvania State Police, Centre County district attorney’s office and coroner’s office immediately responded to the scene, Chief Gardner said.

The involved officers were placed on administrative leave, in line with borough police policy, pending the outcome of an investigation. Borough officials did not immediately disclose the officers’ names and did not take questions at an evening press conference, deferring to state police and the DA’s office.

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