Faked Ethnicity of Students Master mind Behind College Admission Scam 

Rick Singer allegedly changed the ethnicity of students to take advantage of affirmative action admissions

New details are emerging regarding just how disgusting the lengths the mastermind behind the now-infamous college admissions scandal went to secure admissions for wealthy families.

Apparently, Rick Singer faked students’ ethnicity on applications to get them an affirmative action advantage, according to reports.

The 58-year-old plead guilty in Boston federal court on Tuesday (March 12) to running the largest college admissions fraud scam in United States history but now we’re learning even more about what happened.

Over seven years, Singer is estimated to have taken in $25 million from wealthy parents in order to get their kids into elite schools by bribery and cheating. He also reportedly faked young people’s race to give them an even better shot.

Assistant U.S. Attorney Eric S. Rosen told Judge Rya Zobel he was guilty of “lying about students’ ethnicities and other biological information in an attempt to take advantage of perceived benefits from affirmative action and other programs.”

50 or more people, including Hollywood actors, company executives and college coaches have been charged for their roles in the scheme. Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman are among two of the more notable names charged in the scandal.

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