Ohio’s new compliant driver’s licenses: What documents will you need?

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Starting Monday, July 2, Ohioans have the option of getting a “compliant” driver’s license or identification card from the Bureau of Motor Vehicles.

If you want to use your state-issued license or ID to access federal facilities and pass airport security starting in October 2020, you’ll need a compliant card.

Cards are good for four years. If yours expires between now and 2020, it may be worth the effort to get a compliant card.

Ohioans can still get “standard” licenses and ID cards. The cost for the cards is the same: $25.75. If you opt for a standard license or ID, you will be able to access federal facilities and fly within the U.S. with a valid passport.

You’ll need to bring a few additional documents with you to the BMV to renew an expiring card or get a new one.

You can choose from several document types to satisfy the three requirements: Legal name, date of birth and proof of residence; Social Security Number; and address.

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