Trump declares border wall National Emergency

President Trump has just announced a state of emergency at the US/Mexico border to build an expensive and useless wall. Using his authority in this unprecedented manner, simply so he can build this symbol of hate at our border with Mexico, is just one more effort to manufacture a crisis where there is none.

The real crisis is the one that desperate people and families face when they are forced to flee their homes to seek safety and refuge. It is not wrong to seek asylum. It is a basic human right.

Call on Congress to stand up for asylum seekers.

While President Trump routinely invokes national security when discussing this manufactured crisis at the border, the reality for people arriving to the United States is very different. People trying to rebuild their lives are not bringing crime and violence; rather, they are seeking safety and refuge for themselves and their families.

Everyone has the right to be treated with dignity, respect, and fairness. No amount of federal funding should go toward building a wall or vastly increasing the number of people unfairly detained for doing what any one of us would do if we were in their shoes. Everyone deserves to be safe.

Take action by calling on Congress to stand up for asylum seekers

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