Kim Ogg is requesting prosecutors to scale up the number of people prosecute. 

There’s a critical vote next week in Harris County, Texas, that could massively increase the number of people put behind bars. Harris County has the largest jail system in Texas and one of the largest in the country. That’s why we’re calling on our national network to intervene now — before the critical vote on February 12.

District Attorney Kim Ogg is requesting 102 new line prosecutors to scale up the number of people her office can prosecute. The outcome will likely come down to one swing vote. We need to both a) send a powerful message that we will hold Ogg accountable, as well as b) mount massive grassroots pressure to impact the vote.

Ogg ran as a progressive reformer in her campaign. But since then, she’s intentionally pushed unaffordable bail amounts for minor offenses like marijuana possession in order to keep people in jail. We can’t allow prosecutors like Ogg to run on a progressive campaign agenda, then push unjust policies that perpetuate the mass incarceration crisis.

It’s up to us to hold her accountable, as well as those who support her. People in Harris County are flooding the county commissioners’ office with calls to stop Ogg’s incarceration agenda. But they need all of us to stand with them.

Let’s show that we will hold prosecutors who run on progressive agendas accountable — and that we will replace those who perpetuate mass incarceration

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