Supreme Court just repudiated a major Trump Administration attempt to terminate the DACA program.

With inaction, the Supreme Court just repudiated a major Trump Administration attempt to terminate the DACA program.
Rather than agreeing to hear the Administration’s arguments aimed at overruling lower court decisions and terminating what limited DACA protections remain on an expedited timeline, the Court will not take action on the case in this term.
There is no reason for the Supreme Court to act on a rushed timeline, before many lower courts have had a chance to consider these cases. Since its initial announcement rescinding DACA more than 18 months ago, the Trump Administration has taken extraordinary measures to terminate the program. Terminating DACA would strip work authorizations from nearly 700,000 Dreamers and put them under imminent threat of deportation.
But despite all the Administration’s efforts, DACA has been an incredible American success story, and lower courts have never found this program to be unlawful. For now, DACA renewals will continue.
This means DACA recipients should renew, renew, renew. Right now. Head to today to find out what renewal info you can share with your friends.
Dreamers have shown immeasurable courage and bravery as they advocate for the right to continue to contribute to the only country that most of them have ever known.
We will continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with them, and the millions of their friends, family members, colleagues, and neighbors across the country who have made their voices heard in support of Dreamers.
But while DACA recipients can still renew as of today, we have no doubt that the Administration will take more extraordinary measures to end this program, and the Supreme Court could still agree to take up this case as early as February 15th.
So we’re urging Dreamers who are eligible to act now and renew their DACA as soon as possible. Can you help?
Share the DACA renewal information on with any Dreamers you know today.
Today, we celebrate this important milestone in the effort to preserve DACA. But ultimately Congress must pass permanent protections for Dreamers, so that they can stop living from court case to court case and fully contribute to our country and economy.

Thank you for standing with Dreamers,

Alida Garcia
Vice President, Advocacy,

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