Facebook is adding more control by changing groups members list

Facebook is now controlling us more Facebook is automatically changing group member list

We used to be able to click on any custom list and it would actually take you to a page showing all of your friends that are on it, in a list view. Then you could easily add/remove people, which is especially helpful when you have over 1,000 friends. Now it seems FB has taken this feature away, completely destroying the value of having lists in the first place, unless I am missing something and someone can point me to another way to accomplish this. It is EXTREMELY painful to have to edit who belongs on what list when you have to do it one by one through hundreds of friends. Another example is that I have 100 friends on a list that I want to unfriend. It would be nice if there was a 1 bulk action that could do this, but at the very least if I could simply view that list (as we could before), I could manually unfriend one at a time. The only way I see of doing that now is by sifting through thousands, one by one, just to find the 100, and then manually do it. This would take countless hours… please advise a better way!!

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